Project of Vacational Housing

Caburga, Araucania Region – CHILE


In a clear, surrounded by a dense forest of native trees, this rest house is placed. The thickness of the native forest is the true visual limit of the ground floor. A succession of exposed concrete walls works as axis, around it orbit the ground floor circulations. Sequences of permanency spaces, they do not look, but hear each other.

The bedrooms are located upstairs. They are conceived as isolated habitats linked by a cross space, breaking views through the 4 cardinal points, trying to set a conscious reference inside a thick unaltered landscape.


This house is an exercise of opposing forces in action: centrifugal and centripetal, concentration and expansion, highlights and shadows. The paths between acts, required in each enclosure, assume the link between these tensions: the contrasting experiences are those that allow appreciate the opposite.


Technical Info

Plot Area: 10.000 m2

Project: 2014

Collaborator: Simon Guzman

Construction System and Materials: Reinforced Concrete / Treated Pine Wood / Oregon Pine Wood / Wood and Double Glass Windows

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