Vacational Housing
Ranco Lake, Futrono – CHILE


Define the location of the house on the plot was the first question of the project.  Once this was done, we studied which high over the natural floor the piece should have. This measure marked the new requirement for the future home: once the dweller sits down, at the eye height, the terrain slope should disappear, so the lake shore is trimmed by the plinth of the house.

One access in the center of the house makes the torque of circulations between individual and social spaces. A narrow and dim corridor leads to the bedrooms, becomes a wide space between pillars and windows that look out to the privileged landscape. A concrete wall to the west molds a sequence of server enclosures. Over this rest deliberately oversized wood, with the intent to take the plastic and tectonic expression of the building above the minimum and necessary measures of the structure. The strict homogeneity of the volume, in its exterior condition disappears into the details of the inner experiences that the house proposes, intensifying sensory relations of its inhabitants.


Technical Info

Area: 165 m2

Lot Area: 10.000 m2

Project: 2014

Construction: 2013

Collaborators: Carolina Cabrer, Mario Carvajal

Work Inspector: Cristian Berrios

Structural Engineering: Mauricio Delgado

Sanitary Installation:  Marcelo Valenzuela

Electric Installation: Johnny Marchant

Construction System and Materials: Reinforced Concrete / Oregon Pine Wood / Mañio Wood

Photograph: Gustavo Burgos

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