Competition “Mario Toral Foundation Museum”


A museum to refuge the extensive career of the visual artist Mario Toral (Santiago-1934) is the reason of the competition. The lot donated by the artists, is his own home: a long terrain with generous views over the Andes Mountains and surrounded by a residential neighborhood. These two conditions, we think they are contrary with competition suggestion, to plough the museum under the ground level. We propose, for the workshops, a tower that rise itself over the domestic ambit, a lighthouse with classrooms, privileged with views over the Andes Mountains. The museum, two diaphanous spaces and for -1 and 2nd level controlled natural light spaces. Enfilade paths structure the sequence of the exposition rooms connected vertically by a generous spiral stair located parallel to the patio and geometrical center of the piece. The access, coffee shop, administration are located on the first level. The most transparent spaces of the project are located here as well to appreciate the well cared garden “painted” since many years by the artist.


Technical Info

Project: 2014

Collaborators: Cristian Dippel, Ignacio Rojas Wilckens, Constanza Boccaletti, Oscar Araneda, Betzabé Morales, Melissa Moscoso, Simón Guzmán, Pamela Cordero, Gustavo Burgos


Construction System and Materials: Pigmented Reinforced Concrete / Stone / Marble / Mañio Wood / Painted Aluminum and Double Glass

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